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Category: Elliot Cooper

Golden rules for smaller businesses that want to make it big

Blog: Elliot Cooper, CEO – Enprise Group.

Most of the successful businesses that I see have one common element: they have business systems that can readily scale up to serve a much larger company. 

EDI wins the bangs for bucks contest

Blog: Elliot Cooper, CEO - Enprise Group.

Time to take a fresh look at Electronic Data Interchange – EDI projects are delivering fat returns and boosting profits.

When you've got a hammer, every problem looks like a nail

Blog: Elliot Cooper, CEO – Enprise Group.

Over 20 years of being in the software business you learn a few things. 

Never mind the technology, feel the service

Blog: Elliot Cooper, CEO – Enprise Group.

Don’t even think about replacing your ERP system until you check your support quality – it is often that simple.

The difference between purchase price and value over time

Blog: Elliot Cooper, CEO – Enprise Group.

When selecting software to run your business it's important to look beyond the sticker price and factor in future requirements as your business grows or your customers’ needs change and evolve.

Lewis Road Creamery: A lesson in speed

Blog: Elliot Cooper, CEO – Enprise Group.

Lewis Road Creamery’s 14-day implementation of MYOB Exo in the cloud is a compelling example of one of the key advantages of cloud implementations – Speed.

Cloud tortoise or cloud hare?

Blog: Elliot Cooper, CEO – Enprise Group.

Unhappiness is a fast internet connection but a slow cloud service.

To avoid frustration, choose a cloud service provider that strategically locates its datacentres to maximise cloud service speed for customers...

Cloud the way you like it

Blog: Elliot Cooper, CEO  Enprise Group.

Businesses are struggling to chart the smartest path to the cloud.

Every piece of software Enprise sells can be delivered in the cloud, but businesses need help deciding when and how to move. You need to be smart to reap maximum gain for minimum spend.

Love the one you're with

Blog: Elliot Cooper, CEO  Enprise Group.

Keep your favourite devices when you move to the cloud.

We all prefer our particular devices and the operating systems they run on. Some people swear by Apple, others love Android. When enabling our customers’ business solutions to the Cloud, their first question is usually: ‘Can I keep using my usual devices after we are “clouded”.’ The answer is YES.

No new software required to go to the cloud

You can move to the cloud with the software you already have.

Blog: Elliot Cooper, CEO - Enprise Group

I am often asked what is meant by a cloud solution. In 1996 when I joined PC Direct the company was running a Virtual Private Network (VPN). Today we call that system a cloud solution...